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MacFixIt Readers Report: Safari 4.0.3 Issues

A variety of issues have been reported by our readers since the release of Safari 4.0.3 a couple days ago. Keep reading to see the issues and some possible solutions.

A variety of issues have been reported by our readers since the release of Safari 4.0.3 a couple days ago. Keep reading to see the issues and some possible solutions.

MacFixIt reader "Jorge P." reports:
"Since updating yesterday to Safari 4.0.3 cannot use it. It opens but cannot enter text in the adress bar or google search. It also does not refresh or go back or forward and neither opens Customize Toolbar."
Several MacFixIt readers have reported issues with Safari 4.0.3 being completely unusable. MacFixIt reader "Gary R." writes:
"Since installing the Safari 4.0.3 update Safari will start, as indicated by the dock icon, but is unresponsive. It does not show on the monitor. When I try to quit Safari I get the "Safari quit unexpectedly" pop-up."
MacFixIt reader "Ian D." reports:
"Reloading frames in Safari 4.0.3 still does not work correctly. Try this:
    1. Go to the following frames-based test site.
    2. The site opens with the RED page on the right.
    3. Click the 'BLUE PAGE' link as an example.
    4. When the 'BLUE' page has loaded, click the 'Reload' button.
The 'BLUE' page does NOT reload; instead we are taken back to the original 'RED' page !!

Reloading these pages works perfectly well in Safari 3 and all other browsers. I have reported this bug to Apple several times but to no avail."

MacFixIt reader "Ivor" reports:
"After upgrading to Safari 4.0.3 I noticed that in the Google search bar 'clear recent searches' is missing. I understand it's still there on the Windows version but on the Mac version it's gone AWOL."
There is an Apple Support Discussions thread describing the issue. The thread describes this workaround from user "TheRealSnowWhite":
"The utility application Onyx has an option to clear recent browser searches. Under the Cleaning header, at least it is for the Tiger version. I don't have Leopard otherwise I'd check the Leopard-compatible version myself to see if the option is the same. It's worth a try, until the much-needed function is back where it belongs."
Possible solutions
When troubleshooting Safari issues, there are some basic actions users can attempt. Try resetting Safari. Select "Reset Safari..." from the Safari menu bar and check the options that apply to the issue you are having. If in doubt, check all the options.

Test "plist" files. If your issue is specific to a single function of Safari, remove the related "plist" file (found in: MacintoshHD > Users > username > Library > Safari). Drag the "plist" file to your Desktop and restart Safari. If the issue is solved, trash the file from your Desktop.

Reinstall Safari. It is possible that you have installed a corrupted copy of Safari (or a Safari update). Visit the Safari home page to get the latest version. Be sure to trash your current copy.

Repair permissions. Use Disk Utility or any disk checking program (the freeware Onyx is great for this) to check and repair permissions on your system.

Visit VersionTracker to download Onyx.

Have you found a workaround to any of these issues? Let us know in the comments!

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