MacBook unveiling rumored for Tuesday

Rumor has it that Apple could introduce its first consumer MacBooks as early as Tuesday, according to several Apple sites. That prediction is in line with that the long-awaited portable--the Intel-based replacement to the iBooks--would finally arrive sometime this month.

Both Apple Insider and ThinkSecret are reporting about a possible press conference Tuesday to unveil the new line. And the Unofficial Apple Weblog notes a screen up on the Apple site temporarily Friday that features the MacBook name, without the "Pro."

Apple introduced the 15-inch MacBook Pro in January and started shipping a 17-inch version last month. A CNET review pits the 17-inch version against the Acer TravelMate 8200.

Apple has promised to transition its entire product line to Intel chips this year, with the Power Mac and iBook among the key products yet to undergo such a transition.

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