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Most obnoxious selfie stick yet hoists a whole laptop

The selfie phenomenon just got supersized with a selfie stick that holds an Apple laptop on the other end.

You can't miss this selfie stick.

Moises (Art404)/John Yuyi/Tom Galle

If you think selfie sticks are merely annoying, you haven't yet met the granddaddy of all selfie sticks -- the glorious, overwrought MacBook Selfie Stick. This big bad selfie stick doesn't just hold a dainty smartphone; it holds an entire laptop.

Don't scramble for your wallet. The MacBook Selfie Stick is actually a creative project from New York City artists Moises (Art404), John Yuyi and Tom Galle. They built the eye-catching stick, mounted an Apple laptop and took it out on the town for a series of photos.

The stick is a solid piece of equipment made from a metal pole with a heavy-duty laptop holder on the far end. There's no hiding it. It doesn't compact down for portability. It's huge and proud of it.

The jumbo selfie stick, which looks incredibly unwieldy, made appearances in various crowded areas of New York. No tourist attraction was safe. The MacBook-on-a-stick visited Central Park, took in views of the iconic skyline and hung out outside the Starbucks in Times Square.

Selfie-stick derision is becoming a worldwide pastime as tourist sites clog up with the telescoping devices and safety concerns abound. You can no longer take selfie sticks to Lollapalooza, Disney theme parks, the Smithsonian or to see the pope. Now imagine a world filled with MacBook-size selfie sticks. If it catches on, it might result in a global ban for the narcissistic photography gadgets.

The artists refer to the selfie-stick project as a "performance." You can interpret it as you like. It could be a multilayered commentary on the absurdity of selfie sticks, on our culture's desire to star in our photos and the lengths we will go to do so. Or it could just all be in good fun.