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MacBook Pro with retina display coming next year?

A MacBook Pro with an extremely high resolution display could be coming next year, according to supply chain reports.

Rumours are circulating that Apple's next MacBook Pro will pack a stonkingly high resolution display.

The news comes via a Digitimes report, and cites supply chain bods as the source. It reckons the next iteration of Apple's laptop-shaped slab of aluminium will pack a scarcely believable 2,880x1,800-pixel display.

The current MacBook Pro line-up offers a 1,280x800-pixel resolution for the 13-inch model (pictured above), 1,440x900 on the 15-inch version and 1,920x1,200 on the 17-inch edition.

Bumping the resolution up to 2,880x1,800 pixels would be a huge leap, and certainly give Apple an edge in next year's laptop market.

But whether there's any truth to the rumour, and whether it's possible to produce a display with a resolution that high -- without driving the price through the roof -- remains to be seen.

Competition in the laptop world is particularly fierce, and set to become more ferocious in 2012. That's because loads of manufacturers are making ultrabooks -- skinny machines that don't skimp on power or battery life -- to combat the growing threat from Apple's MacBook Air.

The new MacBook Pro is expected to launch sometime between April and June, with other rumours suggesting we might see an ultra-thin 15-inch version. We're looking forward to seeing it -- this year's model snuck into our list of the best laptops of 2011.

We'll be bringing you more news as we hear it, but in the meantime tell us what you'd like to see on Apple's latest laptop in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.