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MacBook Pro: Revised logic boards have no software serial numbers?

MacBook Pro: Revised logic boards have no software serial numbers?

Last week we noted that several MacBook Pro owners are attempting to determine whether or not their systems have revised logic boards, which Apple is providing for units that exhibit various issues -- processor whine, excessive heat, sudden shutdowns -- on a case-by-case basis.

We noted that Apple's Knowledge Base document detailing the latest Boot ROM versions available for MacBook Pros reveal "MM11.0055.B03" as the newest available for the 15" MacBook Pro. However, all MacBook Pros (with the latest firmware updates) we've examined have carried the Boot ROM version "MBP11.0055.B03." [17" MacBook Pros display Boot ROM version MBP12.0061.B00 in their latest iteration].

It now appears that the Apple posting is an error, and MBP11.0055.B03 is the latest Boot ROM version available for 15" MacBook Pros.

What has become clear, however, is that many MacBook Pros which have revised logic boards (indicated by Apple in repair notes included with updated systems) lack a serial number identifier in the "Hardware Overview" pane of Apple System Profiler.

MacFixIt reader Stephen Fleming writes:

"I've had the logic board replaced (endless kernel panics) and have the 'MBP' string. But the easiest way to prove that it's been replaced is that the serial number has been erased... see attached screen shot. So the only way to find the serial number for this machine is the microprint under the battery."

So if your MacBook Pro has had its logic board replaced, and displays the string "SystemSerialNumb" next to the "Serial Number:" field in System Profiler, please let us know.

For further coverage, see our MacBook Pro special report.

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