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MacBook Pro and Sandy Bridge: The Danish connection

Random blog post quoting an anonymous source gets tongues wagging on possible MacBook updates coming March 1.

Spreading through the tangled Interwebs this morning is a rumor that Apple's MacBook Pro line is getting upgraded to Intel's new Sandy Bridge CPUs as soon as March 1. As noted by Engadget, TUAW, and others, a Danish blogger named Kenneth Lund says he received an anonymous tip from an employee of a retail store chain that updated versions of the popular MacBook Pro are about to hit (a Google translated version is here)

This makes sense, as Intel's dual-core next-gen Core i-series chips are still scheduled for the end of February, even with Intel's recent tech troubles with the Sandy Bridge platform. March 1 is also a Tuesday, which is often new-release day for everything from laptops to video games to DVDs. At the same time, Apple is rarely the first out of the gate with new component technology, preferring to let the kinks get ironed out by others before upgrading CPUs, GPUs, and the like.

So, will the MacBook Pro get new CPUs next month? Like all rumors, especially Apple ones, this should not be taken as gospel. Is it possible? Definitely. Probable? We'll see. Unverified? You bet.