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MacBook owners file class action suit over displays

A group of MacBook owners are suing Apple for false advertising, claiming their MacBook displays aren't as good as Apple's promotions implied.

Apple has been hit with a class action lawsuit filed by MacBook and MacBook Pro owners unhappy with the quality of the displays on those notebooks.

A few owners of MacBook Pros, like this 17-inch model, have filed suit claiming Apple's display advertising was misleading. Apple

The suit, spotted by Engadget, accuses Apple of improperly playing up the capabilities of the displays for the MacBook Pros and MacBooks launched in the first part of last year. For example, it notes that Apple advertised the MacBooks as capable of displaying "millions of colors" when they can only do that using a technique called "dithering." Also, it points to complaints lodged by MacBook users on various Apple discussion boards about the "grainy" or "shiny" quality of their displays.

The plaintiffs claim that these display problems are not visible when they boot Windows XP on their Intel-based MacBooks and MacBook Pros, suggesting that Apple's operating system is to blame. The suit was filed in San Diego County in the State Court of California.