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MacBook Air proves its mettle in plane crash

Surprisingly, the notebook's chassis was merely bent, not broken, during a Turkish Airways crash in February.

MacBook Air after crash

Despite its ridiculously slim profile, the Apple MacBook Air is apparently tougher than tough. According to a report by blog site Macenstein, a survivor of the Turkish Airways crash in February this year, Sefer Baris, closed his Apple laptop and put it in a slipcase moments before the plane hit the tarmac.

Surprisingly, the notebook's chassis was merely bent, not broken (refer to image). Though the LCD panel was damaged, the MacBook Air still managed to boot up and allowed access to the precious data within. If you thought the reason it survived was because the laptop happened to be far away from the damaged sections, the owner suffered a fractured neck and required a series of surgeries before he could walk again.

While we can't say the unibody MacBook Air is as hardy as a ToughBook or ThinkPad just from this isolated incident, it's good to know that its premium design isn't as frail as it looks.

(Via Crave Asia)