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MacBook Air-O-Matic: It slices! It dices!

The MacBook Air can slice through a loaf of bread.

Storage for your MacBook Air

Sure, the MacBook Air can't spin a DVD or connect to a FireWire device, but did you know it possesses the ability to slice though a loaf of bread? If the photos on this translated-from-the-German forum post are to be believed, the Air can easily make its way through an oatmeal dinner roll. So, if you've been putting off an Air purchase because its features are too few for the price, add bread knife to the list and recalculate.

Before you get too concerned about the safety issues here (and it can't be too long before we see MacBook Airs shipped in boxes with words to the effect of "Warning: Contents May be sharp. Compute on your lap at your own risk."), do note that it appears the man with the sliced elbow came by his injury from the lower edge of a MacBook and not a MacBook Air.

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