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Macally FlexTune rocks dual iPod docks

Macally attempts to stand out from the crowd with its new FlexTune stereo speakers by including dual iPod connections.


In the ever-saturated market of iPod speaker docks, distinguishing oneself from the crowd is important for the bottom line. Macally attempts this with its new FlexTune stereo speakers by including dual iPod connections: one in the standard position in the bottom of the central docking area, and one sticking out of the right wall of the cradle. This second option allows for an iPhone or iPod Touch to be docked sideways for wide-screen video viewing. It's actually a great idea for sharing since the FlexTune outputs sound to the speakers and the iPhone and Touch already offer large-enough screens for two users to watch comfortably at the same time, if they sit back a bit from the setup. Provided the unit is plugged into wall power (adapter included), the FlexTune will charge the player while it's docked, though it offers a battery option (4 AAs required) for use on-the-go as well. You may also use the Shuffle or non-iPod MP3 players via the auxiliary line-input. Considering the low price point ($69.99), I wouldn't expect much in terms of sound quality, but the FlexTune seems to be more of a video speaker anyway, so it could be a compelling buy.