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Mac vs. PC: Lawyers spar over which is best

Which operating system is best? If you ask a lawyer, you'll get two good answers....

Normally, I wouldn't turn to the American Bar Association to tell me which operating system I should use, but I enjoyed this article in ABA Journal which has two attorneys - one a Mac user and the other a Windows user - sparring over which operating system is best.

It makes for good fun, though if the best the Windows world can come up with is "Use Windows because everyone else does and wouldn't you be frightened to go it alone?" then it needs to ratchet up its ad campaign.

On the Mac side, isn't this a more compelling argument:

If qualities like dependability, security and ease of use are important to you, you should be using a Mac--period.

And the best analogy for the Mac versus PC debate is this: You can buy a Hyundai or a Mercedes. Both of them get you from point A to point B. But which one is more dependable, and which one is more fun to drive?

Indeed. But wait! The PC guy comes up with one killer argument for which I have no response: "[I]f you like WordPerfect--and many of us computing lawyers do--then Windows is what you want."

Um, true. And also true that you could run it on the Mac in Bootcamp or in Parallels (virtualization software). But if you want to run WordPerfect you have problems that no operating system can fix for you.