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Mac OS users on security: No worries

The Mac users that ZDNet Asia spoke to regarding Flashback and other new threats expressed indifference at best toward the need for antivirus safeguards.

Despite the recent spate of malware attacking Apple's Mac OS, consumers remain oblivious to the threat and consider the operating system "impenetrable." This, in turn, has security observers worrying that such mindsets will invite more attacks on the platform.

Last month, the Flashback malware, which exploits a security flaw in Java to install itself on Mac OS devices, was discovered and more than 550,000 Macs were controlled by the malware at one point. That same month, Kaspersky Labs expert, Costin Riau, revealed that another malware--the Sabpab backdoor Trojan--was released into the wild and exploits the same Java vulnerability as Flashback.

However, Mac users ZDNet Asia spoke to expressed indifference toward the worsening security climate for the operating system and the need for antivirus safeguards. For instance: "I trust the technicalities of the Mac will protect me from all viruses and malware," said Tan Pei Qian.

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