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Mac OS miscellany from Apple

Mac OS miscellany from Apple

Mac OS 8.1 Technote has been posted by Apple (Thanks, MRP). Buried in the document is this note: "Finder 8.0 occasionally created custom icon files where they were not needed. Finder 8.1 does not do this." This refers to an issue previously covered here at MacFixIt.

G3 batteries on a 3400 According to a new TIL file, the PowerBook 3400 can use PowerBook G3 batteries. The TIL describes what you need to do to get them to work.

Why Mac OS 8.1 Apple explains why Mac OS 8.1 is the "Must-Have" Update.

More 8.1 Tidbits from the Mac OS 8.1 Late-Breaking Tips page:

Mac OS 8.1 installs version 1.0.6 of the Password Security control panel and this version is required to work correctly with Mac OS 8.0 or Mac OS 8.1.

PlainTalk Text To Speech, when used with a GeoPort, may cause a crash when used with Mac OS 8.1. Apple is aware of this problem and expects to have a solution with the next Mac OS release.