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Mac momentum mounting

Faster notebooks, a radically revised desktop called "iMac," and a rising stock price revitalize the computer maker.

Faster notebooks, a radically revised desktop model called the "iMac," and a rising stock price are revitalizing Apple Computer, a company that had long been buffeted by falling market share and quarterly losses. Is interim CEO Steve Jobs turning Apple around?

Retailers think iMac will sell
news analysis Will the iMac boost Apple's fortunes in a manner reminiscent of the first Mac?

Apple passes $30-per-share mark
update It's the second time this week that the company hits a 52-week high.

iMac consumer Macintosh debuts
audio | update iMac sports a radical design and a panoply of features, all for $1,299.

Top-speed PowerBooks out
update Apple Computer makes a play for the title of "world's fastest notebook" in unveiling its fastest model yet.

New PowerPC design unveiled
AltiVec technology aims the PowerPC architecture in new directions.

Quicken for the Mac after all
audio | update Intuit will make a new Macintosh version of its financial software after saying just last month that it was halting development.