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Mac mini USB problems

Mac mini USB problems

We previously reported extensively on an issue where the iPod Shuffle and potentially other flash drives, are only recognized on certain USB ports -- particularly when connected to Mac mini systems.

[Previous coverage: iPod Shuffle USB connectivity issues; iPod Shuffle only working on certain USB ports; iPod Shuffle: Only recognized when connected to specific USB port]

We've now received reports from readers who are experiencing erratic behavior from other USB devices, including keyboards, that are connected to specific USB ports on the Mac mini.

MacFixIt reader Charles Jenkins writes:

"I had a horrible keybounce problem with my Apple USB keyboard on my Mac mini. In any given sentence, I would have to delete roughly four extraneous, doubled characters. I tried slowing down key-repeat and finally turned it off in an attempt to see whether the problem was related to hardware or just to my software configuration.

"Finally, when nothing helped, I packed up the keyboard, returned to the store where I bought it, and got a replacement. You guessed it: The keybounce problem remained even with the new keyboard.

"Then, I remembered reading MacFixit's stories about iPod Shuffles and USB drives failing to mount when connected to the 'wrong' USB port. What about keyboards? My keyboard had been connected to the USB port farther from the video connector, so I moved it to the other port. Suddenly, my keybounce problem disappeared!

"I'm not sure if the USB port farther from the video connector is the same one implicated in the USB drive mounting problem, but if so, this may give more evidence that there is a design flaw in that port on the Mac mini."

If you are experiencing a similar issue, please let us know.

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