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Lyft lets its first national TV spot ride

The ride-hailing service wants to ferry you away from your hellish commute.

Driving is hell, and Lyft is the answer. That's the general thrust of the ride-hailing service's first TV commercial, which will soon be running nationwide.

The spot is centered around a purgatorial traffic jam filled with unhappy motorists, all of whom are dealing with the sorts of automotive headaches the ride service promises to alleviate. A single, savvy driver finally gets fed up, makes her way through the chaos, and climbs out over the literal mountain of cars causing the logjam to flag herself a Lyft and ride off into the sunset.

The ad is clearly targeted at the morning commute, which might signal a push from the service to establish more of a routine customer presence in the dozens of cities it currently operates in. Whether or not that works will remain to be seen, but grand scale brand visibility in American living rooms seems like a good start.

The ad will begin running nationwide tonight, said a Lyft spokesperson.