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Lyft gift cards in Starbucks get you a latte without making you late

Lyft and Starbucks team up to earn you money off a cappuccino when you get a cab.

Ridesharing app Lyft is teaming up with Starbucks.

Hutton Supancic/Getty

Lots of people find coffee gives them a lift, but now it can give you a Lyft too. Ride-sharing app Lyft is about to offer gift cards at Starbucks.

The ride-sharing app has done a deal with Starbucks to sell $20 Lyft gift cards in participating branches of the ubiquitous coffee chain across the US. The cards go toward the cost of a journey from Lyft, the app that summons a car at the push of a button on your phone. With the cards you can give Lyft credit to friends and family.

When you buy a $20 card you also get a $5 Starbucks card with it. And if you use Lyft for a morning commute or morning journey you get Starbucks Reward Stars toward your next coffee. Signing up to Lyft and linking your Starbucks account earns you 125 Stars, and then every time you get a Lyft between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. you earn five Stars.

Yesterday Lyft introduced multiple stops to the app so you can pick up or drop off a friend with the minimum of hassle, an option that rival ride-sharing app Uber doesn't offer. Rival ridesharer Uber has offered gift cards in the past, but stopped doing them.

This article also appears in Spanish. Read: Lyft y Starbucks quieren regalarte el cafecito de la mañana