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Lyft lets you automatically expense your car rides

The ride-sharing service is partnering with Expensify to ease the pain out of filing your expenses.


Lyft wants to make it easier to expense your car rides. 


Going to the dentist. Taking the trash out. Doing laundry. There are just some of the chores you dread. 

For many, that list also includes filing expense reports for reimbursement at work. Lyft and Expensify are trying to make that a bit simpler by letting you automatically file your car ride receipts

You start by creating a Lyft Business Account and selecting "Expensify" in the settings. Your company must also set up a Lyft for Business account, which will let it monitor Lyft expenses. 

It's Lyft's latest attempt to improve its service and present itself as a viable alternative to Uber.