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Lyft CEO: Uber's efforts have no impact on our growth

CEO John Zimmer says the peer-to-peer car service has doubled the number of rides it's given in the last month, despite its competitor's promotional efforts.


Lyft has doubled its number of rides in the last month and is expanding quickly despite a recent round of promotions from Uber that seemed to target Lyft's potential customers, CEO John Zimmer said at TechCrunch Disrupt on Monday.

Zimmer spoke about Lyft's competition with Uber, the on-demand black car service that recently expanded into Lyft's peer-to-peer car service space. He said the company would reply on its community, tied together by Lyft's quirky pink mustaches and obligatory fist bumps, to grow. Lyft has raised $82.5 million to date, while Uber has raised $307 million.

Lyft recentlylaunched in three cities simultaneously for the first time, setting up shop in Indianapolis, St. Paul, Minn., and Atlanta. It brought the company's total to 10 cities. Shortly after the announcement, Uber launched UberX, its version of the peer-to-peer service, in Indianapolis and St. Paul, with some star-studded promotions to kick off the launches. Uber operates in more than 40 cities in the US and overseas, and UberX operates in more than 10 cities globally.

"We haven't seen any impact from those efforts," Zimmer said.