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Luxury tent: What, no hot tub?

Powers 12-volt gadgets.


I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who are hesitant to go camping these days because of their overwhelming dependence on gadgets: digital cameras, iPods, BlackBerrys, cell phones, and the like. Spending several days without the ability to charge said gadgets would be, well, torture on the level of being forced to listen to that Darwin audiobook. But now there's a solution: the Eureka N!ergy tent, which comes with a "power pack" to keep your electronic gizmos juiced up. It'll set you back $300. (Pocket change!)

The catch is that the Eureka N!ergy tent will only power 12-volt gadgets. But never fear: the company offers a range of 12-volt accessories, like hair dryers, reading lights, and cell phone chargers. So, CrackBerry kids...maybe you can go on that trip to the wilderness after all.

But in closing, I expect a little more from a "luxury tent." Where's the inflatable hot tub? Or how about a built-in DVD player? I mean, come on.