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Luxury phone's camo theme is a little ironic

Only 200 of Mobiado's "Pro Camo" handset will be produced.


So many cell phones look alike these days, but here's one that will definitely get noticed if you're an attention-starved millionaire. It didn't seem possible that luxury handset maker Mobiado could get more exclusive than its "Stealth" and "Luminoso" phones, but it's done just that with the "Professional Camo."

Like its predecessors this handset is made from aircraft aluminum and stainless-steel keys for less weight and more durability, but the Camo is noticeably different because of its hand-painted camouflage design. It looks even more unusual because the metal casing is anodized, giving it "a ceramic look," according to MobileWhack. Only 200 will be produced.

The internal specs of the GSM phone are less impressive, including Bluetooth, video streaming, a 1.3-megapixel camera, an MP3 player, and 32MB of built-in memory that can be expanded to 512MB. But those are probably the least of the concerns for those who purchase one of these collector's items. And there's more than a little irony in its camouflage theme, given that the last thing its owner would want to do is hide it.