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Lusting for MacBook Air

(parent.thesis) blogger Amy Tiemann can walk past a wall of huge plasma TVs without feeling a pang of consumer lust, but the MacBook Air "had her at hello."

MacBook Air (photo credit:}

Apple's announcement of its new ultrathin laptop couldn't have come at a better time. After lugging around a huge pack at CES last week and nearly breaking my back, my top wish coming out of the convention was for a truly portable laptop, and I have always used Macs.

I have been trying to be less consumeristic lately (going to CES didn't help that either!) but I have to say that the MacBook Air inspired an instantaneous, primal reflex of consumer lust: Me want that.

Apple's new ad showing the MacBook air emerging from a manila envelope is truly brilliant. Ten seconds into the video, I was totally sold on the concept.

I currently use a 15-inch MacBook Pro, which is quite nice so it's a bit hard to justify the concept of upgrading, but we'll see how much rationalization I can muster up over the next few months. I used to carry the lowest-end, smallest MacBook and my expensively-won conclusion is that smaller is better in almost every situation. I know that MacBook Pro is objectively superior to MacBook in many ways, but I have always wondered whether I am the only person who feels that the metal casing is so cold that it's detracts from my tactile experience. Probably something I'll have to learn to live with from here on out.

I will resist my Pavlovian urge to preorder a MacBook Air. I'll do my best to wait until the first wave crests and we see how the stand-in-line-all-night faithful respond. I have learned that there is no sense buying any device until you've tried out the keyboard in person. And I'd like to see if any quick modifications will be coming in the foreseeable future. I embrace the wireless nature of the MacBook Air but I do question my ability to live without an Ethernet port. As one CNET reader commented earlier, most offices may be wireless-enabled, but on the road, which is the whole point of an ultraportable, a surprising number of hotels still require an Ethernet hookup to get online.

After the iPhone, Apple had quite a challenge to come up with the next big thing. Looks like they've pushed the (manila) envelope again this time.