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Lupo stops you losing your keys, helps you ace your presentation too

Kickstarter contender Lupo is a pocket-sized doohickey that warns you when your stuff is stolen, locks your computer, and works as a remote control.

Kickstarter key-finding doohickey Lupo Lupo

Now I wouldn't say I'm forgetful, but I am on first name terms with the chap in the local lost'n'found office. His name's Gary; lovely chap. But Gary wouldn't like the look of Lupo, a gadget that stops you losing your stuff -- and turns into a remote control too.

Lupo is a pocket-sized round plastic doohickey with a small lug in the back to attach to a key ring or a lanyard. The Glasgow-based outfit is seeking funding on Kickstarter for £24 ($39) per Lupo gadget, or £66 ($108) for three. Pledge £2,800 or more and you'll get a custom app and six Lupos engraved with your name.

In the Lupo

Cleverly, you don't even have to have loads of Lupos to secure your stuff. Once you've backed the project on Kickstarter, you can install the free Lupo app on your phone or tablet and they can talk to and find each other.

The Lupo connects to other devices -- laptops, tablets, phones, PCs -- via low-energy Bluetooth 4.0, with a watch battery inside that lasts two years in 'Find' mode. Once connected, you can call the Lupo from your phone and it will flash and make a noise.

When connected to your computer, the screen can lock and power down when you walk away. It also stops your stuff from going walkabout by setting off an alarm if the item in question wanders more than a specified distance away from you.

Lupos talk to each other and other gadgets via Bluetooth Lupo

If you miss the alarm, the Lupo captures a GPS snapshot of the item's last location, although it doesn't have real-time GPS like Apple's Find My iPhone or other phone-tracking systems. But if it does go walkies, other Lupos look out for their erstwhile comrade.

Loop the Lupo

What makes the Lupo stand out from the crowd is that it doesn't just sit on your key ring taking up space when it's not tracking your stuff. The rest of the time, it can act as a remote control for apps and devices. For example, you can control presentation apps like PowerPoint and Keynote by clicking the button to change slides, or wave the Lupo back and forth to skip through your presentation.

Heck, with that kind of technology you'll close the Henderson account in no time.

A gesture-based APK for developers mean the Lupo can be used for any app, maybe controlling the music or film spilling out of your computer, or snapping a picture.

If you're interested, you have until 30 March -- this Sunday -- to find your wallet and back the Lupo Kickstarter. Update: Lupo has passed its funding target with a couple of days to go, so will become a real product.

Other gadgets helping you safeguard your stuff include the StickNFind, Wallet TrackR, Chipolo, and the Nokia Treasure Tag. Looks like the chap in the lost'n'found will have to find someone else to talk to. Sorry Gary.