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Lumia's Denim OS update stitches in handy camera alterations

New Lumia camera features and apps make Denim the next update to have. Plus, activate Cortana with your voice.

The Nokia Lumia 730/735 and Lumia 830 ship with Lumia Denim. Andrew Hoyle/CNET

What would you say to a camera that loads before you even take it out of your pocket, automatically turns on HDR mode, and captures moments in video and stills? Microsoft hopes it's "Heck, yeah!"

At IFA 2014 on Thursday, the company announced the Lumia Denim OS update for Nokia Lumia phones, including the just-launched Lumia 730/735 and Lumia 830, as well as the Lumia 930 /Icon and the Lumia 1520 .

Denim builds off Windows Phone 8.1 with faster camera app startup and shot-to-shot times in milliseconds. Moment Capture mode starts 4K video capture that can save any frame as an 8.3-megapixel still.

Rich Capture automatically detects whether you need HDR and flash, and lets you edit shots later. Denim also includes low-light adjustments that help adjust white balance on selfies in lower-lit conditions.

More than photos

The Denim update picks up the thread beyond photography, too. Hands-free voice activation along the lines of "OK, Google" breaks into Denim, using the phrase "Hey, Cortana" to wake up the Cortana voice assistant when the phone is idle.

Microsoft is also sewing the Nokia Glance screen into the lock screen, displaying Bing weather or fitness data alongside the time, date, and alerts.

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