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Lumia 900 gets the girls like the iPhone, AT&T ad alludes

The launch TV spot for the Nokia Lumia 900 shows just how sweetly the new blue phone attracts a member of the opposite sex. Just like that other sexy phone does.

Will she or won't she? Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It was always the unspoken truth of the iPhone that it had a mesmerizing effect when placed on a bar.

Yes, Apple employees forgot to pick up prototypes from the bar on occasion, but that was surely because they -- of all people -- understood the sheer erotic power of the phone's design.

Now, as I read that AT&T is placing an enormous commitment behind its marriage to Nokia's Lumia 900, I went in search of the launch ad.

Would it focus on its touching Windows Phone-ness? Would it bathe in its sleek design? Well, in a way.

It tells boys that this is the phone that will help them pick up girls, just as the iPhone was always said to.

Psychologists have long known that boys are increasingly using their technology to make themselves more attractive.

Why, if a girl espies you are an aficionado of Path or Pinterest, your path to her heart's interest is assured.

In this ad, the gentleman knows he mustn't make himself obvious. He is in a work situation. There is always the dual looming potentiality of embarrassment and accusations of harassment.

So instead he radiates the sheer Lumiasness of his new Nokia phone. AT&T, not contenting itself with commercial coyness, then offers the subtle line: "It's what you do with what we do."

If only it had ended there, a little allure might still have hung in the atmosphere. Yet then the ad has to describe the phone as "beautifully different," which just seems to somehow ruin the moment.

Seduction is a a delicate process. The proof of the Lumia 900's pulling power will lie in dive bars and St. Regis hotels all over the world. Will the mere sight of it dilate pupils and create the potential for loving moments?

I await news from the field with some excitement.