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Luke Skywalker blows up Seattle, porta-potties and all, in new drone video

Goodbye, Emerald City: Video mixes real drone footage from underground tunnel with famed Star Wars clip.

You're going to have to get your $5 coffee and do your online shopping somewhere else: Seattle is as kaput as Alderaan. At least according to a new YouTube video that shows the hometown of Starbucks and Amazon blowing up after Luke Skywalker explodes its prime waterfront highway.

The enormous tunnel-boring machine dubbed Bertha has been chewing up earth underneath Seattle for nearly three years now, creating the tunnel that will eventually replace the seismically shaky Alaskan Way Viaduct. The new video combines real drone footage shot inside the tunnel by the Washington State Department of Transportation with clips from "Star Wars: A New Hope."

"Death Star Viaduct," posted by Seattleite Sam Veatch, gets things rolling with Luke Skywalker zooming through the tunnel under the city instead of the pathway to the Death Star's vulnerable exhaust port. Thoughtfully for the construction workers involved, Luke skirts the porta-potties provided for their underground comfort.

Han Solo and Darth Vader, among others, make brief appearances in clips from the film. And Seattle's iconic Space Needle and waterfront Great Wheel also have cameos.

Think Luke can't do it? I find your lack of faith disturbing. In the end, those years of skill bull's-eyeing womp rats back home pay off. Skywalker hits the target and the explosion crumbles the city's viaduct, utilizing terrifying footage from a department of transportation what-if-a-big-quake-hits video.

May the Force be with you, Seattle residents, because you're gonna have to find a new route to work.

(Via GeekWire)