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'Luke Cage' goes '90s with 'Family Matters' theme song mashup

Super-nerd Steve Urkel is absent from a Luke Cage-ified version of the "Family Matters" sitcom opening credits.

Bulletproof and buff superhero Luke Cage couldn't be further away from super-nerdy and skinny Steve Urkel, the star of the '90s sitcom "Family Matters." That didn't stop YouTube user Zach Ace from mashing up the jaunty "Family Matters" theme song with clips from Netflix's "Marvel's Luke Cage." The result is a delightful ditty that skips the violence and turns "Cage" into a lighthearted retro romp.

The lyrics to "As Days Go By" include lines like "It's a rare condition, this day and age, to read any good news on the newspaper page" and "cause all I see is a tower of dreams, real love bursting out of every seam." It's not always love that's bursting out in "Luke Cage." You're just as likely to see fists and bullets.

Perhaps what's most impressive about this mashup is how Zach Ace found so many innocuous-looking moments with characters smiling and laughing. If you'd never seen "Luke Cage" and "Family Matters," you might very well mistake this for a real '90s sitcom opening.

All is happiness and light in the "Luke Cage's Family Matters" alternative universe. This video is a perfect way to relax after a tense episode with Luke facing down his enemies in a hailstorm of gunfire.