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LugeCubes: A binge drinker's dream come true

A DIY modular ice luge kit is sure to make you a hit at the frat and a statistic waiting to happen.


LugeCubes are water molds for creating stackable cubes of ice 8 inches wide by 8 inch high by 8 inches deep. When stacked together, a channel in the ice created by the molds allows you to pour whiskey vodka Jager fruit punch through the ice and out a removable and reusable spout. The mere thought of this product makes my stomach hurt.

It's being sold through Quirky. Well, sort of being sold. You see, Quirky, a site that launched in June, takes products that spring from the minds of its community and drives them from idea to sales, all the while letting the community vote, rate, and influence the product ideas through the entire process. Before a product gets produced, though, it has to hit a presale threshold, which in the case of the LugeCubes is 300.

A majority of the products up for sale or presale on Quirky are tech-related, like the Split Stick, the DigiDude, and the Watt Time.

But then there's the LugeCubes. If you're interested in it getting produced, the whole set (pictured below) is up for presale for $22.47.