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'Lucha Underground' wrestling coming to Netflix this spring

Seasons one and two of Robert Rodriguez' wrestling show will hit the streaming service in the first half of 2017.

Ring that bell wrestling fans, because the first two seasons of "Lucha Underground" are finally coming to Netflix.

Previously limited to the El Rey network and notoriously hard to access internationally, the Robert Rodriguez-produced ("From Dusk til Dawn", "Machete") wrestling program will soon be available on the streaming service.

While the Netflix deal was rumoured a few weeks ago, the official announcement came from the "Lucha Underground" Twitter account today, along with a release window: spring 2017.

"Lucha Underground" differs from WWE-style wrestling by playing up the serial drama, often including filmed segments in telenovela-style. Think more of the soap opera with fighting and less of the live sport -- but expect many wild stunts.

Speaking of WWE, the big dog in the pro wrestling yard recently responded to the UK's World of Sport acquisition of a wrestling show by launching its own UK Championship Tournament. While Lucha Underground has been around for a couple of seasons and is set to kick off its third, it's going to be interesting to see how and if the WWE, which has it's own streaming Network, responds to the Netflix deal.