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Tech Industry

Lucent inks bunch of new contracts

Telecommunications equipment giant Lucent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: LU) has a horde of deals in the works. On Tuesday, the company announced it inked fiber optical agreements valued at up to $300 million, and another deal worth $50 million for a network in the Pacific Northwest.

And late Monday, Lucent said it has agreed to supply Vesper, a new Brazilian local telephone provider, with a wireless voice and data network in a project that could be around $470 million over five years.

Here's the breakdown of Lucent's recent deals:

  • The deal with Vesper, also known as Megatel do Brasil S.A, a consortium of Bell Canada International Inc. (Toronto: BI.TO), Qualcomm Inc. (Nasdaq:QCOM) and VeloCom Inc., and SLI Inc.(NYSE: SLI) of Argentina -- is subject to negotiation of final terms and conditions and would include financing.

    Lucent will supply a "wireless local loop," as well as other products and services for network management and telecommunication services. The contract also calls for future installation of optical fiber and copper networks, as new systems to allow for higher-speed data transmissions.

  • Lucent said optical fiber contracts with Columbia Transcom, FEC Telecom, Inc. and Metromedia Fiber Network, Inc have a combined value up to $300 million and include the deployment of Lucent's AllWave and TrueWave fiber.

    Columbia Transcom, a wholly owned subsidiary of Columbia Energy Group (NYSE: CG), signed with Lucent for its telecommunications network under construction between Washington, D.C. and New York City.

    FEC Telecom, Inc., Florida East Coast Industries' telecom subsidiary, agreed to buy Lucent's TrueWave RS optical fiber to carry broadband traffic to build a 780-mile "telecommunications loop" reaching 13 of Florida's 15 largest population centers.

    Metromedia Fiber Network, Inc. (Nasdaq: MFNX) today announced its plans to deploy Lucent's AllWave Fiber for its intra-city fiber network routes in both the U.S. and Europe

    Lucent also unveiled a new end-to-end fiber optic product Tuesday; AllWave ADVANTAGE Optical Connectivity Solution will optimize network performance in metropolitan and cable communications networks.

    Lucent has produced more than 6 billion meters of its TrueWave Fiber -- enough fiber to wrap around the world 150 times, according to the company release. Lucent said it is experiencing double-digit growth in its optical fiber business, with expansion plans underway to its facilities in Atlanta, Denmark and China.

  • WIN Switching, a consortium of Independent Telephone Companies in the Pacific Northwest, said it has inked a five-year, $50 million contract to build a converged telecommunications network for customers in rural areas of the Pacific Northwest.

    Residential and business customers will receive voice and data switching services based on Lucent's broadband access solutions including the PathStar(TM) Access Server, Lucent's flagship 5ESS(R) Switch and the 7 R/E(TM) Packet Solutions portfolio.