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LucasArts hits repeat for Lego Star Wars II

LucasArts hits repeat for Lego Star Wars II

The quirky, left-field hit Lego Star Wars has spawned a sequel, and the imaginatively titled Lego Star Wars II offers more of the same third-person action/puzzle-solving fun as the original. Concentrating on the first three Stars Wars films--which actually take place after the second three, if you're keeping count--the game offers Lego versions of more than 50 characters from the Stars Wars canon and environments that should seem familiar to even the most casual fan.

Aimed at young and casual gamers, Lego Star Wars II offers easy platform-style play, and once unlocked, levels can be replayed over and over again with different characters. The game is expected this fall for PS2, Xbox, and PSP. All three versions are identical, but the PSP offers a few bonus modes, included Wi-Fi co-op.