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LubeTube: Web 2.0 exploits randy old timers

The new media explosion may be getting out of hand as we hear that 'LubeTube' -- the OAP-targeted video-sharing site -- has earned $100,000 in venture capital funding

The blogosphere was shocked this morning to hear of a project that's just received $100,000 in venture-capital funding. Dubbed 'LubeTube', Breadfast Media's new YouTube-esque video-sharing project aims to provide online erotica diaries made by and aimed at the over-65s.

Realising the success of 'geriatric1927' -- the video blog of a tech-savvy pensioner on YouTube who has clocked over 1.5 million views -- LubeTube's founders aim to harness the untapped ability of the modern OAP and exploit them in new and exciting ways.

The chief founder, Sergey Middleton, claims that more and more OAPs are turning to the Internet for entertainment these days, and the success of geriatric1927 only goes to highlight that these pensioners are more than able to master the simple tools used by video sharing services. He seems to have overlooked that most OAPs are only interested in two things on the Web: the price of beef and things that need complaining about. This philosophy recently prompted the creation of GodTube -- a video-sharing site for evangelicals to preach to netizens about the meaning of life and the reality behind creationism. LubeTube aims to bring together two other things the Net is now famous for: sex and social networking.

Apparently, today's pensioner is unexcited by the Internet's uses, preferring instead to take five at the bowls club or to chilax at the social. OAPs are telling us they just can't relate to the 20-somethings that dominate YouTube and Facebook. Some have tried relating in the past by posing as 15-year-old boys, but this method is frowned upon and has resulted in jail sentences.

We thought we should get the average elderly citizen's opinion on the matter of OAP-generated content. Our two most common responses to the question, "Would you use the Internet if given a more OAP-friendly application?" were "What's the Internets?" and "Get off my property!"

Alas, perhaps 2007's Internet just isn't ready for the sexually curious pensioner. Web 2.0 is proving to be triumphantly popular, with new start-ups starting up almost daily. We wish LubeTube the best of luck, but we don't foresee it instigating any kind of Web 92.0 boom or grandma-generated content. Shame really, since we've already registered -NL