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Tech Industry

LSI Designs Internet on a Chip

Custom chip house LSI Logic has announced plans to create a $50 chip for accessing the Internet that the company claims will be comparable to the performance of a $2,000 PC. Internet on a Chip is a set of "blocks" dedicated to Net applications, but can be used for access to TV, software programs, and games, according to LSI's vice president of communications, Bruce Entin.

LSI is currently working with companies who want to create their own browser boxes. Entin said each company has different needs and LSI has the tools to meet them.

Although he doesn't know how the PC market will respond, Entin said, "It will be interesting to see if there will be a division between companies who make browser boxes and companies who make PCs."

Entin said the company is planning on releasing the chips at high volume, which will keep the cost of the browser boxes under $500.