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Lower water bills with an Encore

The average dishwasher can use up to 10 gallons of water to clean one load of dirty dishes. The Asko Encore uses less than a third of that, lowering water bills significantly.

The Asko Encore Asko

If you're looking at new dishwashers, you may be looking for a model that uses as little water as possible. Many dishwashers can use up to 10 gallons per load, and if you pay for your own water rather than depending on a landlord, you can avoid part of that price tag.

In Consumer Reports' tests, the Asko Encore 3531XLHD needed only 3 gallons to clean off very dirty dishes--and the testers at Consumer Reports really went for the nastiest dishes they could come up with. I'm confident in the Encore's capability to clean off any gunk I can come up with, and Asko has designed it with the special needs of large pans, crystal, and other dishes with unique cleaning issues. I might not be comfortable running Grandma's china through the Encore, but I'd be willing to put just about all of my other kitchenwares through it.

The Asko Encore has all the features of a modern dishwasher along with its high efficiency rating. It has hidden controls, programmable temperatures, and a reliable drying system. It comes in stainless steel, white and black and can be customized. The price is $1,600--not bad when you consider that it is Energy Star rated.