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Lowepro unbags latest all-weather camera cases

Lowepro's latest additions to its lineup of all-weather camera bags.

Lowepro has recently added to its lineup of all-weather camera bags. The new bags all share Lowepro's All-Weather construction, with built-in rain covers for when conditions change. Some bags have removable laptop sleeves; one even has a flip-up sunshade. From smaller, stealthier bags, to holster-style cases and full-size backpacks, there is something to meet the wide array of needs of professionals and photo enthusiasts.

The Pro Trekker 300 AW, 400 AW, and 650 AW are professional-grade backpacks designed to carry large amounts of gear. The model number refers to the largest focal-length lens that can be on the camera when it is inserted in the bag. The bags have removable waist belts that can be used as work belts, and they have hydration-ready side pockets with seam-sealed pouches.

Sharing some design elements with camping backpacks, there is a cap that covers the top of the backpack and can be cinched to tighten up the bag. The top cap can be removed and converted into a belt-pack. All three bags come with a removable foam laptop sleeve that fits up to a 15.4-inch-screen laptop. The Pro Trekker 300 AW sells for about $240, with the Pro Trekker 400 AW going for $280, and the Pro Trekker 600 AW for $320.

The Magnum 200 AW, 400 AW, 650 AW series are black and designed for the professional photographer as a durable, portable toolbox. One piece of foam frames the cases all the way around to strengthen corners to protect against impacts. The 650 is the largest in the series and features a removable laptop sleeve with a built-in sunshade for location work. The Magnum 200 AW sells for about $150, with the Magnum 400 AW going for $200, and the Magnum 650 AW for $250.

The Outback 300 AW is a belt-pack, holster-style camera bag. It has a modular belt-pack design with two interchangeable lens cases, letting you gear up or down for the situation. It is designed to protect your gear and maximize mobility by freeing up your arms and shoulders, which is valuable when hiking, and so on. The Outback 300 AW sells for about $100.

The Versapack 200 AW is a fairly subtle camera bag, with a day-pack appearance--great for when you don't want to look like you're carrying a camera bag. It comes in two color schemes: black with gray, and polar blue with gray. It has a lot of pockets, easily accessible under the front flap, for cell phones, sunglasses, and so on, as well as dual-side entry compartments. The Versapack 200 AW sells for about $100.

The Classified Sling 180 AW and the 220 AW are all black, and are designed for those seeking a very discreet camera bag, which is great for travel and tight-packed environments. Their lean, modern shape is designed to easily work in crowds or on public transportation. They offer side access to main compartments. The 220 AW features a zippered, padded pocket that fits up to a 15.4-inch-screen laptop. The Classified Sling 180 AW sells for about $130 and the 220 AW for about $150.