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Low-tech posters use tin can and string to promote band

U.K. band Dry the River is using the oldest telephone in the world--a tin can and string--to promote its first album.

Creative Review

Forget spending countless hours and dollars on a viral video--hello OK Go!--one band is doing viral the old fashioned way.

You probably haven't heard of Dry The River, but come this March you will, and if you're in London it will be via the old fashioned "lover's phone": a tin can on a string.

Twelve posters are scattered around London which, if you hold the can up to your ear, will play a track from Dry The River's new album "Shallow Bed."

The posters feature animals constructed from wires pulled from a battery-powered music player, and each of the posters features a different song.

Unfortunately, the closest those outside the U.K. will get to listening to these tin cans will be visiting the Dry The River Web site, watching the video below, or checking out a live show during the bend's forthcoming U.S. tour. Rumors that Verizon and U.K.-based BT are working together on a "trans-Atlantic string tunnel" have yet to be confirmed.

(Via Creative Review)