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Low Latency No. 27: The finer things in life

We understand a Retina Display on the iPad, but it's much tougher to see on a laptop screen.

Blake Stevenson

We think the newMacBook Pro with Retina Display is an awesome machine. Our only gripe is that we'd have to make 4,150 Low Latency cartoons before we could afford one. It's a lot of money to ask for a laptop, which is why we wish Apple offered it without the expensive retina screen.

Having such a high-resolution and dense pixel display makes sense on the new iPad, but that's also because we stare at it a lot more closely than we do a laptop. We've seen the new MacBook side by side with last year's model, and it's really tough to tell the difference.

Low Latency is a weekly comic on CNET's Crave blog written by CNET editor and podcast host Jeff Bakalar and illustrated by Blake Stevenson. Be sure to check Crave every Thursday at 8 a.m. PT for new panels! Want more? Here's every Low Latency comic so far.