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Low employee morale plaguing Yahoo, report says

Employee satisfaction survey finds falling confidence in leadership and high intent to leave the company, sources tell AllThingsD.

It seems Yahoos don't feel there is much to yahoo about lately.

The company's annual poll of its workers--called the Yahoo Employee Satisfaction Survey--reveals a workforce plagued by low morale and a lack of confidence in its leadership. The survey, according to an AllThingsD report, was distributed to employees the same week the board sacked CEO Carol Bartz and responses were returned the following weeks.

Confidence in senior management appeared to have dropped off in the last year. The number of employees agreeing with the statement "Yahoo is an effectively managed well-run organization" reportedly fell 11 percent compared with the pervious year. Another troubling figure, sources told the blog, was that some 19 percent of Yahoo employees planned to leave the company with a year.

Yahoo declined to comment on the report.

The report comes as the Web pioneer's board of directors is conducting a strategic review that could include selling the company intact or in parts. "So far we have not ruled out any possibilities," Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang said at a conference in Hong Kong last week.

Despite its tepid stock price, high employee attrition rate, and sputtering product development efforts, Yahoo has been attracting a lot of attention from possible suitors, including venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz, fellow dot-com wunderkind AOL, and even Microsoft, which pursued Yahoo vigorously a few years back, to no avail.