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Loving the Curve is up to your fingers

The BlackBerry Curve really comes down to a decision about the keyboard.

The Curve keyboard is just a bit too tight.
The Curve keyboard is just a bit too tight. RIM, Inc.

It seems almost treasonous to diss the ">BlackBerry 8300. It's thin. It's got style. And it does everything except make breakfast for you. It has a 2 megapixel camera, plays MP3s and videos, and you can pop in a microSD card. It's a decent phone. And of course, there's that superb push e-mail.

So, what could go wrong? Well, the keyboard.

If you liked the 8800, sell it on eBay and grab the 8300 fast. You'll love it. If anything, the tiny space between keys makes it even a bit easier to type. But after three days of solid usage, the part of my hand located between my thumb and index finger is aching.

Absent that, the Curve is great. But that insolvable problem that's causing my hand to hurt is sending me back to my 8703e.

Ah, comfort.