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Loving: holiday gift guide

Loving: holiday gift guide

Red wooden stilts for every occasion
Red wooden stilts for every occasion Tau, via
If you're the kind of parent who spends $245 on red wooden stilts for your child (and who isn't, really?), you have got the check out the Babygadget holiday gift guide--this is the "big things" installment, but there's a link to the whole shebang in there, too. OK, I'm underselling it. Even if you're not going to spend $245 on red wooden stilts, it's fantastic and, I'm betting, largely lead-free reading. I love, love, love the polar bear rocker, too, and it all makes me far less furious than reading the Pottery Barn Kids catalog, which I made the mistake of doing last night. Seriously, does little Hannah/Owen/Briana/Seth/Nathan really need monogrammed luggage? And why is it that almost all the little girls' toys consist of replicas of kitchen gadgets, all in pink? I hate you, Pottery Barn Baby/Kids. But I love you, Babygadget gift guide! (I'm a woman of extremes.)

Updated to correct ".com" to ".net." Duh, and thanks, Shalin!