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Lou Reed to take walk on Web 2.0 wild side

The special guest at tonight's Web 2.0 Summit dinner soiree is Lou Reed

SAN FRANCISCO--Web 2.0 Summit organizer John Battelle kept the 1,000 attendees in suspense last night when he told them that there would be a "special guest" at Wednesday night's post-dinner schmooze time.

This morning, Battelle let the cat out of the bag: Rock star Lou Reed will perform after dinner, which is sponsored by AOL. The idea, he said, is to let hard-working Web heads "let their hair down" rather than listen to another industry luminary speak--an idea that AOL took and ran with.

Battelle then asked people not to blog the news because a crush of local Lou Reed fans could throw things out of whack. But then again, as Battelle himself said, he was asking 1,000 people to keep a secret.