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Lotus delays Weblicator add-on

The release of Lotus' Weblicator browser add-on, planned for this month, gets put off till April.

Lotus Development (IBM) will not be releasing its Weblicator browser add-on this month as originally planned, a company official said today.

The $29 add-on, which will bring to Web browsers some of the replication functions of the company's Domino groupware, "is being delayed, but only slightly," according to spokesman Paul Davis. "We are just pushing it back by two or three weeks because we did want to add some features to it."

Davis estimates the product will now ship in mid- to late April. He said Lotus developers are spending the extra time modifying the Weblicator's user interface to meet the demands of customers who participated in the product's beta test.

The Weblicator, announced in December and currently in beta testing, lets browser users download Web data, work with it offline, then relaunch it onto the Web to share it with coworkers.

A beta version of the Weblicator is available from Lotus' Web site.