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Lost: One poor, forlorn Kindle

Someone has my Kindle.

I left my Kindle on a flight into SFO on Monday night, and unfortunately it doesn't appear that I'll be getting it back. After a two-hour delay to my flight, I think I was a bit brain-dead by the time we touched down, causing me to leave it sitting in my seat.

Feel free to contribute to the "Give a Blogger a Kindle" fund. Just hit "refresh" on this page 1,000,000 times today and my check from CNET should cover a new Kindle. :-)

Seriously, I'm really bummed. It was proving to be such an excellent device. I was going to be giving this one to my parents in Argentina to help keep my mom up-to-date on her books, but the thought of buying another one grates on me. I wish Amazon created a "self-destruct" feature in the device so that I could ensure whoever picked it up gets no enjoyment from it.

If you haven't bought one but have been considering it, I'd encourage you to give it a try. I was skeptical at first but quickly grew to love the device. It feels almost perfect in the hand and the screen is wonderful.