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'Lost' found free on the Net

Missed the latest episode of "Lost"? Now you can watch it live online, without shelling out for a download from iTunes.


ABC went live this week with a new service that offers streamed versions of four television shows--"Lost," "Desperate Housewives," "Alias" and "Commander in Chief"--on the Web, complete with nonskippable commercial breaks.

The program is, for now,, just a two-month trial--one that happens to coincide with May sweeps). Bloggers were generally pleased with the video quality and ease of use. Could offering television online finally be the way to beat file sharing?

Blog community response:

"It doesn't look or feel like an experiment. May be one or two clicks too many at the start but so far nothing that should keep a novice user away. One wish: that it would be as easy to gauge the impact on advertisers and affiliates as it is to use."

"This isn't some B-reel lineup of shows starving for attention. These are ABC's most popular programs, and now thanks to Disney Brass, the ABC team in Burbank, and the Disney Internet Group in both Seattle and North Hollywood, they are viewable on any computer with a broadband connection. No more PVR-induced BitTorrenting for least with ABC shows."
--Mike Davidson

"My only hope is they keep it free. I don't mind if they force me to watch commercials if I can do my show ondemand."