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Losing your job? You can reclaim it overseas

poll IBM is reportedly mulling a plan to let employees who face the loss of employment take similar posts at a number of branches around the world. Poll

Meeting IBMs match
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Another sign of the times
IBM's barely veiled attempt to get employees to offshore themselves
A big mistake in the making

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CNN has obtained an internal IBM document detailing how employees who face losing their jobs in North America will be given the opportunity to reclaim them by working overseas.

"Project Match," as the program is dubbed, will let employees from the United States and Canada take posts at IBM branches in India, Nigeria, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates, according to the document.

As an incentive, IBM reportedly will assist with moving costs, according to CNN. So far this year, IBM has laid off several thousand people.

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