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Looxcie wearable camera returns, looks improved

With a smaller, lighter design and better video quality, the Looxcie 2 might be a smartphone companion worth having.


Remember the Looxcie? It was a $199 wearable camcorder/Bluetooth headset that launched last September that used your iPhone or Android smartphone as a viewfinder. It continuously recorded video at a resolution of 320p at 15 frames per second, and if something exciting happened, you pressed a button and it clipped the last 30 seconds and sent it off to Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

It was a cool idea done in by an awkward design, a disappointing user experience, and mediocre video results. It appears that the folks at Looxcie learned from the first go-round, though, as the Looxcie 2--at least going by this photo and the new specs--looks greatly improved.

It now records in 320p or 480p at 30fps, so videos should be much smoother. The Looxcie 2 actually resembles a small, modern Bluetooth headset--at least as much as one can and still have a video camera, 4GB ($179; up to 5 hours of video) or 8GB ($199; up to 10 hours of video) of storage, and a rechargeable battery for up to 4 hours of continuous video recording.

Looxcie is also making optional attachment accessories available soon so you don't have to just wear it in your ear, making the device more multipurpose. Plus, it still works as a regular headset for calls and such.

You can check out video samples and buy the devices at Looxcie's site.