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Loosecubes aims to streamline office sharing (video)

New York startup helps people locate work spaces--by the day, week, or month in more than 60 countries--through its portal called Loosecubes.

Working at home can be extremely convenient but also downright isolating. Whether you're an entrepreneur, an independent contractor, or a telecommuter, sometimes you just need to get out of the house.

New York startup Loosecubes has created an office-sharing portal that helps people find a place to set up their laptop and call it an office--by the day, week, or month--in more than 60 countries. SmartPlanet recently talked to company CEO Campbell McKellar about how her Web site aims to make it easier for people to locate a "Loosecube."

This video originally appeared on SmartPlanet with the headline "Loosecubes: A more intelligent way to work?"

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