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Loose lips sinking the secret Santa Rosa ship

Leaks are out about every major vendor's upcoming Centrino Pro and Centrino Duo lineups.

It's hard to keep a tech secret these days. Some would say impossible, thanks to the army of blogs on the Internet looking to grab eyeballs with any bit of leaked information or speculation they can find.

While the average consumer may not be as excited about the May 9 release of the first wave of laptops with Intel's Santa Rosa platform as one would be about, say, a new video game console, the torrent of leaked specs and models appearing online are interesting, even if just because it's information you're not supposed to know.

Otherwise known as Centrino Pro and Centrino Duo, we've seen leaked info online about Santa Rosa systems from Sony, HP, and Lenovo in the last few days. Sometimes the manufacturers themselves are at fault, such as when the tech blog Laptoping found info on HP's Santa Rosa lineup--including the HP Pavilion DV2500, DV6500, and DV9500, and the Compaq Presario V3000 and V6000--buried on the HP Web site.

Our colleague Michelle Thatcher has already recounted leaks from Sony, including its new TZ, SZ, and FZ Santa Rosa laptops, gleaned from a document on Sony's European Web site, as well as a comprehensive lineup from Lenovo, originally posted on

On the plus side, not all the good stuff has leaked yet, so there may still be plenty of surprises come May 9 and the introduction (if not immediate availability) of a boatload of new systems.