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Loopfuse integrates open-source demand generation into CentricCRM

Loopfuse just announced its integration with CentricCRM. The demand generation revolution is almost in full swing.

Loopfuse and CentricCRM announced today a partnership that brings tight integration of Loopfuse's demand-generation software into CentricCRM's Customer Relationship Management suite. I'm a big believer in what Loopfuse is doing, as I've written. This is a logical next step for Loopfuse as it seeks to broaden the reach of data-driven marketing for companies that do business online (which is pretty much everyone).

I like the combination:

[Loopfuse] has an open source solution that allows organizations to track customer activity on websites and via emails; score sales leads based on detailed data about customer behavior; handle lead-nurturing capabilities such as outbound communications; segment prospects along a variety of dimensions; and integrate marketing processes with major CRM solutions, including CentricCRM. This enables LoopFuse to provide the capability to score prospects for the sales team and measure ROI within marketing and sales activities.

If you're doing business online, and maybe especially if you're an open-source company trying to turn all those downloads into dollars, you must get a demand-generation solution. If you want to go with Eloqua or some other proprietary solution, fine. But get something. You can't afford to not use demand-generation software.

Don't believe me? Ask Larry Augustin. He saw the power of it at JBoss, and invested in Eloqua. This is a big market waiting to happen because it helps companies manage the big market of users of their products (or browsers of their websites) and help to market to them to create paid customers of those products.

Linking this into CRM systems is an important step for Loopfuse. Eloqua hooks into Salesforce, (and nothing else, of which I'm aware) Oracle/Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite CRM, and Saleslogix [Matt's note: I added these other CRM systems based on the comment below], while Loopfuse hooks into, SugarCRM, and CentricCRM (It's CRM-agnostic). Both companies need to expand their CRM offerings, as it's in conjunction with a CRM system that the value of this software really hums.

Good move for both CentricCRM and Loopfuse.

Full disclosure: I am an advisor to Loopfuse.