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Looks like a bracelet, plays like an iPod

Conceptual MP3 player for fashionistas.

Apparently, Apple fanboys (and girls) are determined not to let the iPod fade away into obscurity and let Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's prophecy come true where he predicts the music player's death.

With the sleekness and sexiness of most recent iPods, or the extreme portability of the old minis, Indian designer Gopinath Prasan, creator of the iBangle, must've wondered how to go about turning it up a notch and make the iPod a wearable fashion accessory as well as a functional one.

Don't let its loose look fool you; the iBangle is a thin piece of aluminum with a multitouch track pad that won't easily slip off. That tiny blue button seen in the illustration somehow inflates the blue cushion inside the bracelet with air for a snug fit on the wrist.

The "voice interface"--where you hear what track you're "scrolling" through--is supposed to help offset the fact that there is no visual interface on the bracelet/MP3 player. Also, instead of being tethered to the standard earbuds or headphones, audio is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The multitouch interface is a good idea until it brushes up against you and changes your song.

Now, if only it had a way to play video files. Perhaps a screen could be put on it, and the iBangle could pass for a watch--go, go gadget! However cool the concept is, there's no mention of how you would charge the device--dock, dongle, adapter? Also, is it gender neutral? Well, being as this is only a concept from the designer, we'll cut it some slack. There is definitely something here to work with.

So, my question to you is: if Apple co-opted the designer along with the idea and started mass production on this, would you buy it?